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1938 hurricane giraffes

Two giraffes miraculously survive a hurricane while crossing the Atlantic and end up in New York. Images in the Public Domain are carefully selected and provide illustration. .printfriendly { Subscribe for more forgotten history: document.documentElement.classList.add( Animal Quarantine Station in Athenia, New Jersey, for a federally mandated fifteen-day quarantine. . Those Giraffes, caught in a storm that killed hundreds of people, were en route to San Diego, California, and the storm was only the beginning of their cross-country journey. Photo courtesy NOAA/NWS. Image-purchasing questions? Giraffes Proud Parents at the San Diego Zoo. Los Angeles Times (August 28, 1952): 15. Weakened by age, racing against a clock, hallucinating, writing long hand, I could not believe that a writer would include details about billboards, flying birds, the physical look of hotels and camp grounds. Few paid attention to the stormbarreling up the coast. Estimates vary, but at least 400 people died that day andmaybe as many as 800. In 1938, the San Diego Zoo acquired two giraffes from east Africa. West with Giraffes is a Lovely Book based on real life events, about an orphaned teenager who ends up driving two giraffes across the USA to the San Diego Zoo in 1938. Its closest relative is the okapi. Sold! No one recalls exact conversations, the gap teeth of a service station attendant, the color of vehicles along the road after 80 years. According to the National Weather Service,a storm surge of 12 to 15 feet destroyed most coastal homes, yacht clubs and marinas on Narragansett Bay. The director of the zoo tells Old Man, Any friend of Mrs. Benchley is welcome here.. . } He is full of talk and wit and fun when he is around, but when away he makes me wait for news day after day until I am nearly mad from worrying. Visit our other Wisconsin Historical Society websites! The giraffes arrival made the front page of The San Diego Union, Oct. 25, 1938. Sept. 21, 1938, was supposed to be a breezy fall day in New England. It's hard to imagine a time when most of the population had never seen a giraffe. They talked about the bridges that had washed away. When the storm was over so was their livelihood. Thanks to amazon first reads and @lakeunion for the e-Arc . On. I absolutely loved this book! From 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Pacific Time, you're watching the live cam from the Safari Park. With the necessary funds, zoo director Belle Benchley, the first female zoo director in the world, paid for two young Ugandan giraffes and one rhinoceros to be shipped from Africa in 1938. West with Giraffes is a wonderful novel based on the true story of the cross-country road trip America's first giraffes took in 1938. + .pf-button-text { It is clear from Belle Benchleys memoir that she had a wonderful relationship with many of her keepers, particularly Charley Smith. A San Diego judge had a defendants 13-year-old daughter handcuffed. Photo courtesy Boston Public Library, Leslie Jones Collection. font-size: 14px !important; 2 vols. -moz-box-shadow: none; According to Benchley, they were one of the few breeding pairs in captivity. When they finally were in their new house, a picturesque building that resembles a fairy-tale illustration, every connected with the job was ready to fall apart except Mr. and Mrs. One of the 19,000 buildings destroyed by the hurricane. My family always talked about the 38 Hurricane. My sister passed it on to me and knew Id enjoy it. 2016. [] years earlier, The New England Hurricane of 1938, one of the worst natural disasters in U.S. history, had struck without warning and killed more []. Boston: Little, Brown and Co. Croke, Vicki. box-shadow: none; Stephenson, Lynda Rutledge. Not a favorite. It destroyed cemeteries, slammed boats into shore, uprooted entire orchards and smashed structures into splinters. San Diego Zoo Centennial Timeline: 1938. (accessed 2/9/2021). In 1938, the merchant steamer SS Robin Goodfellow was caught in the Great New England Hurricane. Virginia Beach: The Donning Company. So preciousIt reminded me of my days at the St Louis Zoo and Bill Ross the elephant man. The crate containing the female giraffe rolled and rolled until it shattered to pieces. Non censuram. I felt safe when I arrived at my house. Giraffe. } ); The family moved first to the second floor and finally to the third floor to stay above the storm surge, watching as house after house succumbed and neighbors were washed away. { Hooray Lynda Rutledge. San Diego, CA: Zoological Society of San Diego. My Grandparents had a Farm in Northern Vermont. Copyright 2023 Rumble. Sweet memories. Giraffes Will Ride in Truck to California. Miami Herald (September 25, 1938): 4. [], [] From the New England Historical Society: [], [] 1938 New England Hurricane upended the outhouse at the Israel Putnam farm, and no one seems to have restored it. Please Credit: Wisconsin Historical Society. The Great New England Hurricane of 1938 was one of the most destructive and powerful storms ever to strike southern New England. When the storm finally abated they tried to get her out of what was left of her crate, but they were not successful. Photo courtesy Boston Public Library, Leslie Jones Collection. You can purchase the bow tie worn in this episode at The Tie Bar: They find it in two giraffes who miraculously survive a hurricane while crossing the Atlantic. News of the storm-tossed ship had reached reporters, and they gathered on the dock to get the story. Initially they refused to leave their traveling carriers but were eventually lured out with onions. Sixty years ago this week, the San Diego AeroSpace Museumrenamed the San Diego Air & Space Museum in 2006opened to the public in Balboa Park. They were finally able to leave quarantine on October 10, 1938. Giraffes. Charley Smith would update Benchley via telegram during the twelve-day trek. The storm hit seven days after I was born in Northampton, Mass. The youngest child, just turned 2, was with her and a tree limb fell and gave him a bad cut on his head. A total of 4,500 homes were destroyed and 25,000 damaged. margin: 0; A very rewarding read. The 1938 New England Hurricane made landfall near Bellport on Long Island, New York, and again near Milford and New Haven, Connecticut. i enjoyed the parts about the giraffes, their attachment to various characters, their enjoyment of the warm weather, sunshine, cool breezes. float: left; Has some interesting accounts from people and some.good photos. Benchley preferred to transport the giraffes by vehicle so that they could stop as deemed necessary to nourish and rest the animals. 1938 hurricane giraffes. Life Magazine Digital Archive. The stormblew down so many trees that paper mills processed them for nine years. The storm totaled about 26,000 automobiles and blew over 20,000 electrical poles. 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If youd like to read about another familys ordeal stranded on a high floor in their house, click here. West with Giraffes is an endearing, and also heart-rending piece of historical fiction. Use of the image requires written permission from the staff of the Collections Division. Before the storm, 100 boats fished the waters between Point Judith, R.I., and New London. With Woody behind the wheel, true to the actual events, the giraffe truck stopped regularly at auto camps under appropriate trees with the top of the crates open to let Boy and Girl reach up and browse. Perhaps the most astounding story of the storm comes from the Moore family of Westerly, R.I. As the storm grew stronger, the familytried to evacuate their beachfront home, but could not. [], [] Sailing master Joseph Kemp compared the Portland Gale to the Great Hurricane of 1938. A Pegasus XL rocket was delivered to Vandenberg Space Force Base for the TacRL-2 mission in a quick response demonstration launch that carried a small tactical satellite payload into low Earth . A woman stands on the running board of an International D-40 truck to feed a captive giraffe in transport. 1st ed. It was a wonderful novel. The "Teenie Weenies" cartoons enchanted readers of all ages for more than 50 years. Getting the giraffes from Kenya to California was a monumental task, especially once the ship they were on encountered the Great Hurricane of 1938. The original caption reads: "D-40 Internationals sold to San Diego Zoo to transport 2 giraffes across the continent from New York. 1944. where is the serial number on vera bradley luggage. Born in the wild country of southeast Africa, these babies, less than three years old, set sail from their native shores last summer and were 54 days at sea. Non censuram. All rights reserved. Hurricane Sweeps Coast. New York Times (September 22, 1938): 1, 1618. By extension, might I assume that global warming began in 38? 2015. . Hitler is threatening Europe, and world-weary Americans long for wonder. San Diego, already a world-class zoo, opened their WPA-constructed Reptile House and a zoo caf. For instance, there were amazing oral histories just about the 1938 hurricane that the giraffes were caught in before landing in New York was the worst until Hurricane Sandy in 2012. With horrible writing. that's really only 2-1/2 stars. The peculiar travelers were a sensation everywhere they wentand their story provided some much-needed humor and enjoyment for a nation still struggling from the Depression. The San Diego Zoo: The First Century. Yesterday at 12:30 Eddie drove the truck through the gates at San Diego zoological gardens and all hands followed it to the mesa where the citys big crane was waiting and the camels were wondering what the heck. It's also a coming of age story that demonstrates the positive influence caring friends and gentle animals can have on a young man's life. I was so excited to read this book but couldn't get past the first third. Determined to meet his cousin at that Brooklyn dock, he arrived only to find that his cousin was killed on board the Goodfellow during the hurricane. Funny in many parts. It was the voice of the narrator that I struggled with. Those Giraffes, caught in a. and what i found incredibly annoying was the constant reminder that he had a big secret and he couldn't let anyone know his secret and he couldn't talk about his secret, and if anyone knew his secret horrible things would happen and his secret was such a terrible secret; you get the picture. . West with Giraffes by Lynda Rutledge was inspired by the true story of two giraffes in 1938 that "survived a hurricane at sea, then were driven cross-country for 12 days in little more than a tricked-out pickup truck to become the first giraffes in Southern California." If youd like to read about a wild ride one family took during the storm, click here. Nothing worked until, after a couple of hours, he tried an onion. Gawky Giraffes to Leave Athenia Today for Coast. Paterson (N.J.) News (October 10, 1938): 35. padding: 0; and actually care about the dangers they were experiencing. If you liked. } The events of the twelve-day cross-country drive are difficult to decipher outside of what Smith revealed to journalists and The Boss Lady. He did not keep a journal, so Lynda Rutledge takes creative license to fill in the blanks for us. In the novel West with Giraffes, Woody Nickel, is a seventeen-year-old dirt-farm rowdy, pure as a cow pie, cunning as a wild hog bound to escape the Texas Panhandle (and any law enforcement that might be looking for him). If you like history too, this is the channel for you. I had read about the true story of the famous hurricane giraffes when I conducted research for my story on Belle Benchley, but I thank Lynda Rutledge for writing this work of fiction, which left me with the desire to learn more about them. If you'd like to read more about the 1938 hurricane, click here. 27 febrero, 2023 . The keepers and other staff members would visit her daily; [s]ometimes as many as eight would come during the same day or evening, she recalled. Amid advertisements for California Fig Syrup and Hoods Sarsaparilla, a glowing 1898 profile of the community of La Mesa by a writer using the initials, J.W., Privacy PolicyTerms of ServiceSign Up For Our NewslettersSite Map, Copyright 2023, The San Diego Union-Tribune |. Above, Bushnell Park in Hartford after the storm. i loved the idea of the story, a road trip from new york to california with two young giraffes, the only part of the book that is non-fiction. Hitler is threatening Europe, and world-weary Americans long for wonder. (And New York would not experience one as destructive until Hurricane Sandy in 2012.) It was a three-hour ordeal. This attention, the time for which had to be borrowed from their all too few leisure hours, touched me deeply because it showed that I had won a place with them not based on relationship of boss and employee, but upon friendship and confidence, she reminisced in her memoir. In Hartford, the river reached 35.4 feet, 19.4 feet above flood stage. I have been recommending it to everyone! I finished the book last night and now after reading the background and seeing the pictures of the truck and the Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it. But by 1925 there were reportedly only five giraffes in the entire country. My Dad lived through this storm in Westport Mass. display: inline; Erosion from the Great 1938 hurricane. Parts of downtown Providence were under 14 feet of water, with people sheltering on the second and third floors of buildings. Ever wonder why beer is so popular in Wisconsin? As a travel writer she loved the idea of a road trip. Red was an aspiring photojournalist trying to sell her giraffe story to Life magazine. Apparently they subsisted on pancakes that the cook made for them for three days until they got to shore. However, from Benchleys 1941 memoir it is obvious that Smith did not update her as much as she would have preferred. We were on the water with the waves crashing over us, and part of the house still attached, one of the walls still attached to this piece of floor, and it almost acted as a sail.. The storm forced the Connecticut River over its banks, inundating cities and towns with floodwater. Do Not Sell or Share My Personal Information, Lofty and Patches became national figures, From the Archives: In 1893 Jos Gabriel was the first inmate to be executed at San Quentin, From the Archives: 1973 occupation of Wounded Knee galvanized the modern American Indian Movement, From the Archives: The queens 1983 visit to San Diego drew a crowd, From the Archives: Egg poached to save condor 40 years ago. In normal conditions this would be a rough trip, especially for temperature-sensitive giraffes, which were placed in crates and forced to endure whatever the high seas threw at them. I want to confirm my idea that Woody was the father of little Augie, who was the one who received his foot locker after his death with the porcelain gifaffe. As the giraffes were rolling out of sight, Woody runs as fast as he can through the flooded streets, passing dozens of reporters, and eventually steals a motorcycle to keep up with the truck bound for the quarantine facility. Please Contact Us. a 30-foot bank of what looked like fog rolled in toward Long Island. This was on his retirement day. I learned to expect it, he said yesterday, but I never learned to like it.. Charley Smith was certainly the man for the job. Giraffes at Lion Country Safari remained outdoors and kept their heads down during Hurricane Irma. 1938 Atlantic hurricane season Season summary map Seasonal boundaries First system formed January 3, 1938 (record earliest) Last system dissipated November 10, 1938 Strongest storm Name "Great New England Hurricane" Maximum winds 160 mph (260 km/h) (1-minute sustained) Lowest pressure 940 mbar(hPa; 27.76 inHg) Seasonal statistics Taken on September 22, 1938, the day after the category-3 "Great Hurricane" of 1938 struck Old Lyme, the image focuses on the upturned roots of a monumental tree that dwarfs the wood-framed house behind it. Nominee for Best Historical Fiction (2021). As very few images of the actual event are available in the Public Domain, images of similar objects and events are used for illustration. See and touch history at Historic Sites, Museums and special events, Restore your historic home or property, get tax credits, renovation tips.

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1938 hurricane giraffes

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